FRESKON the International Trade Show for Fruits & Vegetables

FRESKON: An important point of reference on a European level!

Freskon Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Trade Event has been the focus of developments in the fresh produce sector for the last six years, making it the largest meeting of producers and international retail groups, and domestic and international transporters in Southeastern Europe. Freskon aims to promote the quality of Greek production, to broaden international collaborations, and to increase fresh fruit and vegetable exports. During the event, participants will come into contact with representatives from major international supermarkets chains, commercial businesses, and distribution company-networks.


Participants: Cooperatives · Producers · Fruit & vegetable wholesalers · Fruit and vegetable importers and exporters · Super Markets Chains · Transfer and Logistics companies · Consultant and Certification companies · Machines · Packaging Materials

International Apple Congress

Friday 12 of May - Pavilion 13

What are the new apple varieties and in which countries are they grown? How is evaluated the export course of Greek apple? Is it possible for the marketing to increase its sales? What are the new ways of planting and pruning and how can they be used to bring profits to producers? Is co-operation necessary in now days for the distribution of the apple?


FreshCon Market 2022

Friday 12 & Saturday 13 of May - Pavilion 14

FreshCon Market has now been established as a separate unit (Super Markets b2b point), which is organized for the 6th consecutive year exclusively for Freskon exhibitors under the organizational supervision of HELEXPO and the collaboration of the industry magazine FRUTONEA. The service of FreshCon Market brings in direct contact large supermarket chains that control a significant product distribution network with the professionals of the agricultural sector, creating suitable conditions for immediate agreements.