The 1st congress on Green Vegetables and Asparagus wishes to inform all Greek producers concerning the modern trends in green vegetables and asparagus, the importance of packaging, the innovative forms of cultivation, the consumers' requirements as well as the products that seem they have a sound future. For this purpose, organizers’ principal goal is for the most possible European countries to be represented at the fair. More specifically, they go for countries of great distinction in green vegetables production, packaging and delivery sectors such as Italy, France and Netherlands.

Greece, thanks to both climate and soil, is able to produce a wide range of green vegetables throughout the year. Consequently, it worth being included among the notable European forces concerning the specific products.
The speakers of the congress are top scientists and analysists from the most pioneering European countries in green vegetables cultivation.

The congress which is separated in 5 theme sections by the Vegetables section of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is a very good opportunity for both exhibitors and visitors of the fair to be informed on the potentials of Greece in this product category as well as to meet all remarkable producers of green vegetables in our country.

The detailed schedule of the congress follows:

The congress will be coordinated by Christos Katsanos, awarded Brand Strategist and Consultant of Greenhouse and Farm Overall Administration.

The 1st congress on Green Vegetables and Asparagus is organized by TIF-HELEXPO, with the support of FROUTONEA magazine.