FRESKON 2017: Fresh air for the fruits & vegetables sector

Freskon, the International Fresh Fruits & Vegetables fair is taking place for the second consecutive time in April 27 - 29 of 2017 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Conference Center. Goal of the organizer company, TIF HELEXPO is to designate Freskon as the sole commercial event concerning the fresh fruits and vegetables sector in the overall area of SE Europe and E. Mediterranean. An additional goal of this year’s organization is to develop the business initiative, the extroversion of Greek production as well as to raise the primary sector. 




The Freskon exhibitors get in contact with the most significant groups of the international retail as well as with domestic and foreign dealers for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Apart from the plenty business contacts, new co-operations and deals that are carried out during the fair, Freskon is the center of parallel conferences and other events where the most current news on production and trade of fresh fruits and vegetables are showed.

In this context, the ‘hosted buyers’ programme has been significantly expanded, with guests from South-Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, the Scandinavian countries, the United Arab Emirates and China. In total, it is estimated that Freskon exhibitors will meet with hosted buyers from 35 countries. The dynamism of this year’s event proves that in terms of both quality and quantity, participants will exceed those of Freskon 2016.