FreshCon Market

"FreshCon Market" is organized for the fifth consecutive time and will take place during Freskon 2019, provided upscale services exclusively available only for its exhibitors

Under the organization of TIF-HELEXPO and with the strategic support of FROUTONEA magazine, FreshCon Market is connecting the big supermarket chains, which control a significant part of the distribution network, with the professional of the agricultural sector thus providing the preconditions for direct deals, exclusively available only for the exhibitors of Freskon 2019.

Supermarkets play a key role to the progress of retail trade as well as the quality improvement of fresh products. Consequently, it is clear that their strategic presence in such an event may enhance the Greek primary sector in a commercial way.

At this point, it worth mentioning that the greatest supermarket chains in Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece) will be present.

Goal of the FreshCon Market is the supermarket chains attendance of the previous organization together with new entries from many countries of Europe and the Balkans especially. As it seems, this goal is accomplished given that the following participations from the foreign markets have been arranged.