The Supermarket Chains Profiles



Stores: 514

Well into its 80th year of operation, AB Vassilopoulos is still leading the Greek food retail sector. The company continues to follow a steady path of growth, operating 514 stores throughout the country, while employing 15.000 associates. AB Vassilopoulos is distinguished for its wide range of products focusing on the quality, the providing of excellent services and the competitive price-range, while establishing long-term relations with its customers, suppliers, partners and associates. Furthermore, AB Vassilopoulos significantly contributes to the life-quality of the local communities in which it operates and to Environmental protection, through the design and implementation of integrated CSR programs.


Stores: 62

The company EGNATIA SA was founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki and was introduced to the sector of discount supermarkets in 2005. Since then, it is constantly expanding as it already includes 66 stores in Northern Greece and occupies over 800 people. During this time, it offers to all consumers a great variety in fresh products, superior quality, private label products as well as label ones, always in incomparable reasonable prices.


Stores: 40

XALKIADAKIS SA has been activating in the field of supermarkets since 1980. Today, the company consists of 40 stores all over Crete and occupies more than 1.200 employees. Principal goal of the company is the support and promotion of the Cretan products and Cretan nutrition through the stores. Also, in summer of 2004, it managed to become officially the first certified supermarket chain with the quality certification ISO 9001: 2000 and the Food Hygiene and Safety Certification, HACCP, for the overall activities by the Greek Standardization Organization (ELOT). The majority of the company stocks belong to Sklavenitis Group.





Stores: 42

Fantastico chain of supermarkets was founded in 1991. The company began its development and today it operates 42 supermarkets, with new ones opened every year. All supermarkets are situated in the aria around Sofia, Bulgaria. Fantastico currently employs more than 3 000 persons and each of them has a chance for professional carrier development. Our fruit and vegetable sectors are located at the entrance of each supermarket, the products of this area has the highest priority policy of Fantastico. Perfect quality, good price, variety of products and attractive merchandizing. As a responsible company, Fantastico seeks to provide a high quality of vegetables and fruits, therefore we work with local producers and/or import products directly from agricultural producers. Nowadays Fantastico has own import of vegetables and fruits from Poland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Netherland, etc.


Stores: 66

“Maxima Bulgaria” is the owner of T MARKET in Bulgaria. The company is part of MAXIMA GRUPE Holding, which operates fast-moving commodity chains in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. The first T MARKET in Bulgaria opened in 2005. It is one of the first chains of modern trade, which started operating in Bulgaria. Up to date, over 1.500 employees work in “Maxima Bulgaria”. For more than 13 years the company invests in supermarkets near the home or the workplace of the Bulgarian consumers. T MARKET is a trusted partner for practical shopping of its clients in 32 small and big cities in Bulgaria. The retail space of the stores is between 400-800 square meters. In all 66 supermarkets can be found a variety of fresh food products, as well as a wide range of household goods. The main advantages of the stores are the products of Bulgarian producers, the fresh meat, the attractive prices and the correct price-quality ratio of the products. More than 70 thousand customers choose to do their shopping in T MARKET every day.




Stores: 100

The Company was founded in 1992 and today employs 6.500 people at 80 stores which are located in six regions of Ukraine. The stores vary in sizes from hypermarket to small delicatessen. TAVRIA v is the first company in south Ukraine, who gave the opportunity to their customers to make online purchase through the web site Having a clear vision and business strategy, thoroughly developed and documented business processes, and continuous optimization according to strategic goals, is what allows TAVRIA V to remain one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market.



The Ukrainian company INTEROVOCHI specializes in fruit and vegetable industry. The highest level of professionalism in this industry is its top priority.Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic are the main partner countries for the company. About 11.000 tons of products were imported in 2018 and over 23.000 tons were imported in 2019.




Stores: 440

Delhaize Serbia is the biggest retail chain specialized in food with over 440 stores. In Serbia we are doing business under 3 banners: Tempo (hypermarkets), Maxi (supermarkets) and S&GO (convinience stores). The share of company in modern trade is 37%. The focus of the company is Fresh assortment with biggest focus on fresh fruit & vegetables, fresh meat and bakery. Due to limitation of domestic production we have to import a lot of F&V products and quantities abroad. Greece is one of the most import markets from where we are sourcing products during whole year.


Stores: 130




STEASA Fruit Market LTD

"STEASA FRUIT MARKET LTD" was founded in 2010. The company has been in the Athienitis hypermarket for over 30 years, however for the last 9 years it has been operating under the exclusive management of STEASA FRUIT MARKET LTD and is a 100% family owned company. Athienitis Supermarket is one of the first hypermarkets to operate in Nicosia offering the best quality at the lowest prices. The philosophy of the company is to combine the passion and care of a family with the best professional modern business in order to create value for consumers.




MAXIMA International Sourcing

Maxima International Sourcing provides central sourcing, purchasing, and negotiation services to Maxima (in the Baltic States), Stokrotka (in Poland), and T-Market (in Bulgaria) retail chains, it also develops private label brands and is engaged in wholesale activities. The company belongs to Maxima Grupė which is the largest Lithuanian-owned group of retail companies owning more than 1 thousand stores in 5 markets.