The Supermarket Chains Profiles




The company EGNATIA SA was founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki and was introduced to the sector of discount supermarkets in 2005. Since then, it is constantly expanding as it already includes more than 76 stores in Northern Greece and occupies over 1.200 people. During this time, it offers to all consumers a great variety in fresh products, superior quality, private label products as well as label ones, always in incomparable reasonable prices.






XALKIADAKIS SA has been activating in the field of supermarkets since 1980. Today, the company consists of more than 40 stores all over Crete and occupies more than 1.300 employees. Principal goal of the company is the support and promotion of the Cretan products and Cretan nutrition through the stores. Also, in summer of 2004, it managed to become officially the first certified supermarket chain with the quality certification ISO 9001: 2000 and the Food Hygiene and Safety Certification, HACCP, for the overall activities by the Greek Standardization Organization (ELOT).





The Supplier and Consumer Cooperative of Limited Liability of Consumers of Crete was founded in 1979, by 482 founding members, based in the city of Chania. This first SYN.KA Super market opened in 1979. It was a small store with an area of ​​150 sqm and 6 employees. Since then, there has been a continuous development of the association, which was achieved mainly because it remained faithful to its basic principles and values. This fact gave it a great competitive advantage over the other supermarket chains, as a result of which it dominated first in the market of Chania and later the whole of Crete. 






In 2010, "STEASA FRUIT MARKET LTD"* was established with passion and consistency for the consumer, which is housed in the Athienitis Hypermarket. Athienitis is one of the first Hypermarkets to operate in Nicosia, offering the best quality at the lowest prices - and Steasa Fruit Market also operates with this philosophy. More specifically, its philosophy is to combine the passion and care of a family, with the best professional practices of a modern Business and thus create values for consumers.





The story of the family firm Veropoulos d.o.o begins in 1880 in Greece and then continuous in Smyrna, the famous Mediterranean trading center, around 1920s where Panagiotis Veropoulos lays the foundation of its trading business.In 1973, in Athens, an old town cinema was transformed into the first Veropoulos supermarket, and after a few months the second in a row opened. From that moment the rise of one of the most successful family-owned companies in Greece begins with stores in Greece, North Macedonia (with 12 stores) and Serbia (with 7 stores).







Mercator was established in 2002, when the first Mercator Center Belgrade was opened in New Belgrade. It is located in Beograd (Novi Beograd), Grad Beograd, Serbia and is part of the Grocery Stores Industry. Mercator-S doo has 8,031 employees at this location and generates $796.80 million in sales (USD). There are 87 companies in the Mercator-S doo corporate family.





GOMEX is a modern retail network focused on consumer goods with the format of neighborhood stores. Specifically, the locations of the stores are designed in an attractive way   so that they are in the immediate neighborhood of consumers. The company, which is based in Zrenjanin, was founded in 1995 and now has about 250 stores spread across Serbia. GOMEX has over 2,400 employees. One of the company’s goals is the expansion of its activities and the development of its network of contacts over Serbia. 






Eco Market Food, with 20 chains of supermarkets all over Albania and with 25 years of experience in the Consumer Business activity, represents one of the biggest distribution players in the domestic market. The company, though the cooperation with wholesalers and by using both modern and traditional retail strategies, provides a total supply solution for food and beverage.






ANECOOP POLSKA was founded in 1993 and consists a part of ANECOOP GROUP, an organization of Spanish corporates. ANECOOP, a leader in supplying and delivering fresh fruits and vegetables in the European market, comprises of 71 member cooperatives and companies with thousands of associated farmers. Internationally, the group exports to 85 countries. For the year 2020-2021, its sales exceeded 790 million euros. The expansion to the Polish Market contributes to more direct contact with local importers. A distinctive element of ANECOOP POLSKA is the modern logistics depot that offers a personalised service which can be adapted to customer needs.






The S/M DIANA chain consists of 66 stores in Romania and sells mainly locally produced products. With its participation in FreshCon Market, it aims to expand its imports of fresh fruits and vegetables from Greece, which according to the owners of the chain are in demand among Romanian consumers.






MAXIMA ΒULGARIA is a part of MAXIMA GROUP – a Lithuanian company managing successfully over 1000 supermarkets in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. With over 17 years of experience in the Bulgarian market with the T- MARKET brand, over 113 supermarkets in approximately 63 locations across the country and 100. 000 clients daily it has become the practical shopping choice for the Bulgarian family. Maxima Bulgaria’s activities include an online shop with the T- MARKET brand for Sofia and Plovdiv. 






Fruitreal has been a leading importer of all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables to Belarus for more than 25 years. The annual turnover of the company is more than 60 million US dollars. Fruitreal also owns 33 supermarkets in Belarus with the distinctive name Dionis Shop. The company works actively with a lot manufacturers and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables from the entire world. Fruitreal has reliable partners in Greece and it constantly develops new partnerships.  






Santa Retail LLC 

Santa Retail LLC is the strategic business of the Santa group of companies. It was founded in 1995. Santa is a modern retail chain of supermarkets and shops of different sizes. There are about 300 markets, supermarkets and corner shops around the Republic of Belarus. Santa successfully cooperates with all local suppliers and develops direct import of goods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Santa imports goods directly from countries such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, France etc. 







For three decades MAXIMA GRUPE has grown from a single store in Vilnius into the largest Lithuanian-born grocery retailer owning more than 1.400 stores in the Baltic States (etc. Bulgaria, Poland). During these years, it became the first choice for many shoppers in the Baltic States, where MAXIMA retail chain is the market leader. MAXIMA GRUPE was the first in the Baltics to launch e-retail operations. The e-grocery nosiness BARBORA today serves customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. More than 38 thousand people work in our company across 5 countries. Τhe company serves more than 1.3 million customers every day. 









Doni Foods undertakes a range of activities from production, import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables to wholesale and retail trade. In terms of its activity in the retail sector, it owns over 100 supermarket chains. Its operations are based in Kosovo, but the company has a strong presence in the Albanian and North Macedonian markets. The company was founded in 1958. Doni Foods maintains long-standing cooperation in the import-export sector with countries such as Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, etc.  








VARUS is a supermarket chain with over 100 stores throughout Ukraine. Τhe company’s main activity is the supply of imported products (fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, pickles) from various regions of the world. VARUS has an online store and an online shopping application. Since its establishment in 2003 until today, it has grown into one of the largest supermarket chains in Ukraine, attracting over 320,000 customers every day.