Sunday 23.04 / Hour 15:00-16:00 

"Clonal plants developing in a local nursery"

Speaker Ms. Elsa Grande Abascal
Associate Technical Director at BROKAW Spain S.L.

The speaker will present the company BROKAW Spain S.L. which is a tropical fruit tree nursery located in the south of Spain, specialized in the design and production of Avocados, Mangoes, and other tropical fruit trees.

Some of the interesting topics, she will introduce are the following:

  • The difference between clonal and seedling plants
  • The importance of using clonal rootstocks
  • How to grow tropical fruit trees in a local nursery
  • How these plants are transplanted
  • Cultivation techniques

Monday 24.04 / Hour 12:00

"The agriculture of tomorrow" 

It is about the organization of a discussion and question-and-answer panel between representatives of the state, entrepreneurs, executives, producers, and journalists on the future of the agricultural economy and the agri-food sector organized by Frutonea magazine. 

Topics such as: 

  • Human resources & land workers 
  • Packaging & handling of agricultural products 
  • European H.A.A. & T. programs 
  • e.t.c 

Tuesday 25.04 / Hour 12:00 

“Notice of stone fruits estimates”  

The long-awaited, accurate, first estimates for the new season of Greek stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, paraguayos, platerinas, apricots and cherries) will be announced as part of the FRESKON exhibition on the last day, initiated and organized by FROUTONEA magazine. 

The panel of speakers includes: 

Soula Serdari, sales manager of AS Naoussa, Central Macedonia
Giorgos Kantzios, ASEPOP Velventos sales manager, Western Macedonia
Christos Georgiou, sales manager of ASEPOP Tyrnavos, Region of Thessaly
Mr. Panagiotis Orfanos, representative of FRUTONEA magazine, Peloponnese